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          Sound-absorbing cotton Click rate: Release time:2021-09-27 Information sources:Hangzhou Qiyao New Material Co.,Ltd.

          Sound-absorbing cotton is made of polyester fiber, and is made of cocoon cotton after hot pressing. The product uses the heat treatment common method to achieve density diversification, so that it becomes a sound absorbing material. Sound-absorbing cotton environmental performance is its biggest advantage, detection data reached the national E1 level, is the most close to nature and harmless to the human body to the environment pollution-free environmental protection materials. Its fire performance is B1 class, a non - combustible product. The sound-absorbing performance of sound-absorbing cotton has been recognized by acoustic experts. The products are used in piano room, machinery room, conference room, gymnasium, concert hall, recording studio, highway soundproof wall and other public places, are completely replacing glass fiber and rock sponge and other harmful sound-absorbing materials.


          1, Strong, easy to use, easy to process, can be made into various shapes according to different needs.

          2, Long service life, will not rot, can resist a variety of microorganisms, fungi, acid, salt and hydrocarbon corrosion.

          3, Tasteless, does not release formaldehyde and other harmful substances, and the surface of the raw fiber has organic antioxidant function, can make formaldehyde, dioxins and freon harmless.

          4. Good waterproof, moisture-proof and breathable performance.

          5, In the production process do not add any additives, adhesives.

          Performance index

          1. Compression permanent deformation 2% (GB/T10295-1988).

          2. 45 degree Angle combustion: refractory grade (TB/T2402-1993).

          3. Noise reduction coefficient reaches 0.74 (GB 47-83).

          4. Sound absorption coefficient reaches NRC=0.76 (GB 47-83).

          5 thermal conductivity 0.037 (GB/T10295-88).

          6. Hate water rate: 98% (GB/T10299-1988).

          7. Water vapor permeability index is 2.46*10-6g/㎡.s.Pa(GB/T17146-1997).

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