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          Self-fusible silicone rubber belt Click rate: Release time:2021-09-23 Information sources:Hangzhou Qiyao New Material Co.,Ltd.

          Self-melting silicone rubber belt performance characteristics:

          1. Electrical insulation performance

          (1) Volume resistivity: at least 10 ^ 13 ohm/cm. (ASTM D257);

          (2) The insulation voltage per millimeter thickness reaches 27KV, which can provide a safe insulation environment for the winding place; The thickness of 0.5mm can realize the insulation voltage of 13.5KV, which can meet the insulation requirements, or called silicone high voltage self-adhesive tape;

          (3) The main composition of the product contains silicon, even after combustion, the generation of silicon dioxide, still has insulation performance;

          (4) For some special occasions, there are also flame retardant products to provide a completely insulated and safe operating environment;

          (5) It has excellent corona resistance, arc resistance and track resistance, and provides a safe working environment.

          2. Temperature and aging resistance

          (1) Temperature range -50℃ ~ +260℃; Maximum temperature 350℃;

          (2) Thermal stability 180℃, long-term use at this temperature, the product can be used safely for more than 10 years, excellent aging resistance;

          (3) In 260℃ environment, the long-term service life at this temperature up to 2000 hours;

          3. Sealing and moisture-proof performance

          (1) The main material of self-melting silicone rubber belt is silicone rubber, water vapor will not penetrate through the silicone rubber belt, has excellent moisture-proof performance, to achieve effective insulation;

          (2) after the tape winding, wrapped in 1/2 overlapping way, realize own fusion temperature 24 hours, after winding layers into a permanent bond layer, and the process is irreversible, tight fit haunted place, because good break, even in the irregular curved areas can fit tightly, won't become warped edge, realize sealing function;

          (3) its own bond strength is large, can reach: 50g/mm;

          (4) Water absorption 0.9% (46 hours in H20 at 21℃)

          4. Chemical properties

          (1) it has anti-oxidation and anti-ozone effects;

          (2) With uv resistance, good weather resistance;

          (3) The main material is silicone rubber, with good oil resistance and other solvents, with corrosion resistance.

          5. Mechanical properties

          (1) Self-fusing silicone rubber belt has excellent shock absorption and heat insulation;

          (2) self-melting silicone rubber belt has good mechanical impact resistance;

          (3) The elongation reaches 400%-500%;

          6. Easy maintenance

          (1) the surface is not sticky, the surface touch is not sticky, and the contact surface is not bonded;

          (2) When follow-up maintenance is required, the self-melting tape can easily fall off after the blade is cut;

          7. Easy to use

          (1) Wrapping a layer can play a good insulating role, reducing labor and cost;

          (2) All tapes are protected by special isolation lining layer, which can be directly wound to the contact surface after removing the lining layer.

          8. Usage

          (1) The stretching rate reaches 400%-500%, and 200% is used when winding;

          (2) It is advisable to overlap half of stretch winding, and the last lap of winding is natural lap.

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