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          Aluminium silicate refractory fibre Click rate: Release time:2021-09-23 Information sources:Hangzhou Qiyao New Material Co.,Ltd.

          Aluminum silicate refractory fiber is made of high quality coke gem, high purity alumina, silica, zirconium sand, etc., which is fused, blown or spun by resistance furnace to make different dispersed materials polymerized and fibrous.

          According to different raw materials and processing technology can produce different refractory temperature KASCO aluminum silicate refractory fiber products.

          1, ordinary refractory fiber cotton (working temperature: <1000℃).

          2, standard refractory fiber cotton (working temperature: 1050℃).

          3, high purity refractory fiber cotton (working temperature: 1100℃).

          4, high aluminum refractory fiber cotton (working temperature: 1200℃).

          5, zirconium refractory fiber cotton (working temperature: 1350℃) and other products.

          The product has the characteristics of stable performance, long fiber, high tensile strength and less slag ball. Products are widely used in fiber textile products raw materials, fiber spraying, pouring material, coating material raw materials, water products raw materials, equipment high temperature area gap filling material.

          Product features:

          1. Low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity.

          2. Excellent thermal stability.

          3. Excellent thermal shock resistance.

          4. Excellent chemical stability.

          5. Free of binder and corrosive substances.

          6. Excellent sound absorption.

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