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          Vacuum Insulated Panel Cooler Box Click rate: Release time:2021-09-16 Information sources:Hangzhou Qiyao New Material Co.,Ltd.

          VIP board Insulation box, product upper side open box and open hinged box cover, including VIP board. The inside of the VIP board is connected with the inner lining cloth and the outer side is connected with the protective shell, and the temperature sensor is placed in the box, and the outer side of the box is provided with a temperature display for real-time monitoring of the temperature in the box.

          1. prepare the core plate. After the raw materials are proportioned according to the requirements, they are dried after beating and dilution to obtain the required core plate.

          2. Put the core plate into the oven for baking treatment, drying temperature of the oven is 220℃-260℃, drying time is 10min -40min.

          3. Containing the getter is placed on the surface of the core plate.

          4. In the ambient temperature and humidity of 18℃-30℃, humidity is less than or equal to 40%RH conditions, the core plate and suction bag into the barrier bag.

          5. Put the barrier bag in the core plate and the suction bag into the vacuum sealing machine, vacuumize and seal the initial vacuum insulation board under the vacuum degree ≤1Pa.

          6. The edge of the barrier bag on the outside of the initial vacuum insulation board is folded, and the folded edge is glued and fixed with beautiful grain paper.

          7. After sticking, the vacuum insulation board should stand for more than three days.

          8. Check the vacuum insulation board and pack it into boxes after passing the test.

          VIP insulation box storage space, light weight, good thermal insulation effect, long thermal insulation time, and to the inward temperature can be real-time control, suitable for transit and temperature sensitive products.

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